The Outdoor Advertising DSP
Software for Performance-Driven Media Buying

The #1 Platform for Out-of-Home Media Buying

The DOmedia Demand-Side Platform (DSP) empowers out-of-home experts to meet the demands of modern advertisers. Performance-driven media teams choose the DOmedia DSP to automate low-value work, provide actionable data and let them focus on strategy and creativity.

Unleash The Power Of Time
Media buyers use the DOmedia Demand-Side Platform to do more of what makes them great - researching locations, evaluating vendors and targeting audiences - in less time. Automation helps advertising experts reclaim valuable hours once lost to emails and spreadsheets.

Do What You Do Best
Media teams use the DOmedia Demand-Side Platform to shift from low-value work, like data transcription and vendor communication, to high-value work that generates business, awards and long-term success. Focus on strategy and creativity, let the DOmedia DSP handle the rest.

Outdoor Media Meets A.I.
Visionaries use the DOmedia Demand-Side Platform because it delivers game-changing results from day one and gets smarter with each use. Maps and analytics make campaigns pop; private marketplaces and data-management build organizational intelligence and fuel growth.

"DOmedia's workflow automation tools allow us to spend more time evaluating locations and building successful campaigns for clients." Joe Waugh, SVP, Harmelin Media
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